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A call to ban fur farming in the EU

The practice of fur farming is cruel and yet there are approximately 6000 fur farms in Europe.  Animals on fur farms are confined in cramped and often dirty wire cages.  Fur farms are known to use the cheapest and often the cruellest killing methods, including suffocation, electrocution, gas and poison.

There is particular concern about animals such as mink being farmed under these conditions.  Compared with other farm animals, mink have been subjected to very little active selection (other than for fur characteristics) and therefore are especially unsuited for captive environments.  The result of this is behaviour such as self-mutilation, pacing on cage walls and repetitive circling or nodding of their heads.

We have been encouraged by EU member countries such as the UK and Austria banning fur farming and we welcome attempts by countries such as the Netherlands to enforce a ban.  However it is clear that individual country bans are not sufficient.  An EU-wide ban is required as currently companies engaging in fur farming who are faced with a ban in one European country can simply move their site to another European country. This has been seen recently with a company from the Netherlands moving operations into Romania. The only way to prevent companies shifting fur farms from one European nation to another is to achieve a European-wide ban on fur farming. 

Our humane treatment of animals is a mark of the values and strength as a society and we call on the EU to act to ban the cruel practice of fur farming right across the EU and end the 'outsourcing' of fur farming from one EU country to another. 

Please take action and support the campaign to end fur farming in Europe.